Saturday, November 10, 2007

Coming out of the Goal

One thing that I have to talk about here is coming out of the goal for keepers. I see so many goals that should have been stopped had the keeper came out. I want to tell here and give you some tips on coming out of the goal.
  • Watch the players dribble, see how far out he kicks it on each dribble
  • Time you're run out so that you have the most time to get there before the player with control can touch it
  • Don't just sprint out there and dive on the ground at it
  • When you get close to the ball break down with short quick steps
  • Have hands down and half-a-ball's length away from sides
  • Slide so that you're going feet first and make sure your hands are inside and your feet are going to the outside of the goal (as if there were a line coming across the field from goalpost to opposite side)
  • Have palms facing player in case the player tries to chip you or shoot
  • Don't hesitate

One thing I see in a lot of keepers is that they don't look confident coming out. They hesitate. If you are going to come out you have to make a decision as quick as possible and don't hesitate. I see too many keepers start to come out and then step back putting them out of position to stop a shot. I also see too many keepers wait to long as if they want to come out but step back and finally do come out. It'll be too late. You have to decided and don't hesitate. Stay confident. If you are not confident the slide you will most likely hesitate for a second or less and with keeping being a split second reaction game, waiting that split second could cost your team a goal.

Remember to study the player on his approach. You do not want to wait to long to come out so if you have the time to study the players before he gets to the 18 then you are in good shape. DO NOT HESITATE. The only points I really want to stress are confidence, which will build with each perfect slide, and hesitation. You cannot build confidence if you hesitate and let them score a goal. You will probably lose confidence. So one last time: DO NOT HESITATE. Now go out there and make the save of the day.

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