Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Setting up a Wall

A wall is one of the best defenses for opposing set pieces near the box. Walls can help out a goalkeeper more than anything else. They allow part of the goal to be blocked so that the shooter has a smaller area to shoot for, which the keeper should cover himself. But all this is useless if a keeper cannot set up wall correctly. It is not the players' responsibility to set up a wall. The keeper needs to determine how many people are in the wall and where the wall should be placed.
  • Walls should cover up half of the goal
  • The keeper should position the players so the last player in the wall covers up the shooter from the keepers angle
  • Walls should have the bare minimal of players it takes to cover half of the goal
  • The keeper needs to make sure one player faces him (back to the ball) so that the keeper can direct the wall with his hands
  • The keeper needs to take the half not covered by the wall and be ready

Keepers need to be able to set up their wall quickly and effectively. That means the must play well enough so that their teammates trust them and listen to them. Just because the wall covers on half of the wall does not mean the ball cannot go to that half. Keepers must be ready to tend the entire goal, but focus should be on the half the wall does not cover as the chances the shot will go to that side are high because the shooter can aim for that side.

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