Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stopping Low Balls

One of the things that I hate most when it happens to teams is when a goal is scored because a keeper fails to get down on the ground and cover the ball.

When low balls come in you must make sure you get down on one knee (if you do not have to dive). You must be as wide as you can in case of an odd bounce without allowing a space big enough for a ball to slip through your legs. Keep your hands so that the ball will hit the hands without a chance of rolling under and bouncing over by keep palms out, fingers spread, and keeping them so the fingertips are 2-4 inches off of the ground.

Your body is your friends. Get your body behind the ball. Don't rely on your hands, they can be weak and flail. Always try to get your body behind your hands so if it gets past your hands you have a second defense with your body there to stop it.

Remember to always make sure you do not leave a space big enough for a ball to pass through. Keep your body behind your hands and the ball. If you can, fall over the ball and cup it in your hands, under your body, between your body and the ground. This keeps the ball from rolling through you or deflecting back and giving the other team a shot with you out of position.

Remember these and you are a step away from your next great ground save and your next great game.

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